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​HeatherSong’s emotionally expressive results make good use of well-crafted, poignant lyrics that express a real variety of human experience. Some songs may defy category, but why not?  Such is genuine creativity.  It is to be explored as a conduit to our personal and universal expansion.  We all need and deserve a wider vision of ourselves and who we seek to become. ​Many HeatherSongs are strongly lyric-oriented. Instrumental versions are usually available.  Many songs are completely written, performed and produced by HeatherSong exclusively. 
See credits with posted lyrics.  

Thankfully inventors are willing to address matters unfamiliar.  Exploration, discovery.  We may make fun of them, but they deliver something new and refreshing that we cannot demonstrate ourselves.  
It begins with a spark of thought -- willingness to change and hopefully improve.
​Embrace quality “different” to inspire your life journey upward and outward in joy.  Enjoy.

HeatherSong’s dynamically creative process exemplifies the indie movement.
Thanks so much for your interest and contact me anytime.

Please see SONG & PRODUCTION BLOG for remarkable songwriting "reality" stories!

                              Thanks for all your support, Kurt!

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