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  • hear WHOLE SONG for free, all HeatherSong releases
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CDBaby Store

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  • ​​Only CDBaby offers this physical CD
  • ​17 songs - length of play 48:53
  • currently @ $7.99  --  credit cards
  • 800-289-6923 or 800-BUY-MY-CD
  • call me for possible donation of cds to use in your FUND DRIVE

                                                                                                  CDs sold well at successful Portland / Vancouver charity fundraisers.

  • CDBaby sells HeatherSong digital downloads.  CDBaby also separately oversees all HeatherSong distribution to other digital download services like iTunes and Amazon.  Recently I've made CDBaby my Publishing Rights Administrator internationally, enhancing BMI functions.  CDBaby does a lot for artists!


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Outside the box . . . right where I belong!  Indie.

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