HeatherSong YouTube Woes . . .

Music Lovers, Indies and Creatives Beware!

Hammer or Nail . . . the only choices?

I sent the following (copyrighted) letters to Executive Partners:  GOOGLE/YouTube, Rumblefish and CDBaby.

Is YouTube manipulating HeatherSong search results?  Did I witness deliberate, selective and unprincipled manipulation of software right before my eyes -- very disadvantaging to hard-won and cooperative HeatherSong progress?  Algorithmic Sabotage?  

I have DATED SCREENSHOTS that more than suggest it!  

(Read or Print:  Cover Letter, Termination Response / Report of Inquiry below.  See Screenshots below.)

The issues are complex (NOT my doing!), but if you read on you'll get the gist of this unattractive collective experience.

 Is this REALLY a great trend for us all?  How might it shape our collective democratic futures?

Meanwhile, I read articles offering this profile:  Rumblefish boasts a pre-cleared sync catalog of over 1.8m tracks and growing that is licensed over 20,000 times a day earning millions in royalties for Rumblefish artists.  They sure seem to hesitate with HeatherSong PAYOUTS!

​Maybe it's just personal?



My permanent return to 38 . . . actually earlier than 12:30 p.m. as witnessed.

Apparently all I deserve . . .

 I can send appropriate parties copy of my original email sent to Rumblefish at

12:57 p.m. on June 5, 2014.   It includes dated screenshots along with my comments.

Read about the WaterWheel  in

MUSIC OF LIFE and help! 

Thanks for your interest!  Please contact HeatherSong with any questions, document requests, etc.  I welcome serious 

referrals for publishing.  Please feel free to pass this copyrighted story along digitally or through referral to my website.  Please post on Social Media!  I will post originals here in an attempt to keep information authentic.  I will post updates when it seems appropriate.  How about a little legislation addressing accountability for matters digital?  

Tough timely topic. 

Indies and Creatives everywhere need to be informed!

            5:39 a.m.    38 results                        11:06 a.m. 297 search results (p. 2)

Outside the box . . . right where I belong!  Indie.

hear the whole song here




            5:39 a.m.    38 results                        11:06 a.m. 297 search results (p. 2)

 11:27 a.m. 298 search results for a "heathersong" YouTube search

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